Monday, 25 April 2011

Our progress so far

At long last we got the keys to our new flat on Friday! Before we moved in, substantial damp work had been done to the property, so when we walked through the front door it looked a complete mess...but as it's been a long bank holiday weekend, we've managed to get quite a bit done already. 

Here's the bedroom before and a progress shot to show where we're up to now...

We painted all the walls white and have laid new floors, and it's looking much brighter already. 

In the hallway all the boards needed to be replaced, which we're halfway through doing:

But the biggest job of all has been to rip out the kitchen and some walls to open up the space - we'll be installing a new kitchen in the near future, which we bought on ebay for a snip! Can't wait to have it all installed. The lovely Theo will be taking on the job - good job he knows how...

Theo and I both have the next week off work, so hopefully we'll get lots more done over the next few days. 

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