Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Simple polka dot blouse

I came across some lovely silk/cotton blend fabric in Ditto in Brighton, with a gorgeous polka dot pattern. I found it hard to resist and bought some to make this blouse from. I drafted the pattern myself, but it was really straightforward, as there are no darts or anything, so it's just a t shirt shaped pattern. 

I used French seams for this, which is probably my favourite seam finish - so clean and easy. It does take a bit longer, but I really like the results you get. I made my own bias binding to finish the neck and sleeves. I recently learnt to make my own continuous bias binding which was a revelation to me! So much quicker than sewing endless strips together one by one - I should have known there was a trick...anyway I used this tutorial if anyone is interested. 

And here's a crappy instagram pic of me wearing it. I need to find a better way of taking photos of myself! 

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