Thursday, 30 May 2013

1000 Cranes blouse

I recently stumbled across the most incredible fabric shop - and, amazingly, it's within easy driving distance of where I live (could be dangerous). It's called the Eternal Maker - in West Sussex - and they stock lots of Japanese imported fabric as well as literally zillions of other designers as well. It's like a big warehouse on an industrial estate, so you'd have to know it was there to find it. Luckily they also sell things from their website, a service which I recently tested and to my delight they delivered everything super quickly.

I recently discovered Rashida Coleman-Hale and her lovely fabric designs. Specifically, I came across this washi tape design, but unfortunately I seem to be a little too late on this one, as I can't seem to source it anywhere. If anyone is able to help me I would love you forever! 

Anyway, her newer designs are also just as lovely including this beautiful crane print, which I fell in love with. I bought 1 metre and made this little blouse. It's similar to the polka dot blouse I recently blogged - I thought simple was best as the fabric design really speaks for itself. 

More rubbishy instagram pics of myself I'm afraid. I'm thinking maybe I should invest in a tripod so I can use the self timer and get some better photos! 

I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out, although I may not cut the neck quite as wide next time I make this top - it falls off the shoulder a little more than intended. This was really a practice run for a top from this beautiful Nani Iro fabric, which I also managed to find at the Eternal Maker as well, having previously only found a tiny remnant (I made this leather pouch from it). I feel almost too scared to cut into it!

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