Wednesday, 1 May 2013

yellow sunshine dress

I have just been camping in Spain which was gorgeous - anyone in the UK will understand how lovely this was given that we have had such a cold and endless Winter. So I was really excited about it and made a new yellow sun dress for the occasion. 

I got the fabric from the Cloth House in London, an absolutely beautiful shop - if you have never been you should definitely try and pay a visit. There are actually 2 of them really close together on Berwick Street. One is more beautiful than the other and is 100% stacked full of temptation. It's pretty expensive as well, but as soon as you get through the door you will be unable to get away without buying at least something. There are even videos on the wbsite so you can get a little taster of what it's like. No 47 is like a dream...Anyway, I fell in love with this yellow fabric which has tiny pink polka dots on it (you can't see that in the pictures).

I also tried out horsehair braid for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised (check out Gertie's great post on the stuff here). It stiffens the hem, so it keeps the skirt held a bit more rigid along the bottom edge than it would be without it. Definitely a technique to try out again in the future! 

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