Friday, 3 December 2010

Gorgeous textiles

So, as previously mentioned, I thought I'd try my hand at quilting. I now have utmost respect for 'proper' quilters who know what they are doing, and produce immaculately stitched, beautiful quilts. It's much harder than it looks!

Anyway, the quilt idea took shape after the endless textile inspiration on the internet:

Unfortunately, I started saving inspiring images from the internet before I had the idea to create a blog, so I'm not sure of where I found the above pictures. Try the following websites if you like the above:

Or for cottage industries, try etsy:

In particular, the following picture made me drool:

It's block printed by Virginia Johnson and can be yours for a mere US $325. Having now seen first hand how much work goes into creating a handprinted quilt, this is absolutely a fair price for something so beautiful, and if I had the money I would not hesitate to spend it on this! Alas, though, I don't. So I set about creating my own version, which I will tell you more about tomorrow. 

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