Monday, 13 December 2010

Kitchen inspiration

The kitchen is definitely the worst bit of our new flat. This is what we have to contend with:

With Theo being a bit of a chef extraordinaire, we will be doing something about it almost immediately when we move in. At the moment, it's sort of boxed into its own little space, so we'll be knocking through some walls to give us much more of an open-plan kitchen which will suit us much better. We have recently bid on a kitchen on ebay (which we won!) which was an absolute bargain, and will hopefully be arriving just as we move in, so we won't have to store it in our current living room! 

Some pictures of lovely kitchens I have found while trawling through the internet:

And, of course, the beautiful kitchen over at The Yvestown Blog, which is almost definitely too girly for Theo, but delighful in my opinion.

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