Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Living room inspiration

Our new living room is a bit tricky. It's absolutely gorgeous, with lovely wooden floors which we're going to strip and limewash, but there's not very much actual wall space for furniture such as shelving. The back wall of the living room is part of the corridor running the whole length of the flat, so we can't really clutter that area. Nonetheless I have seen some very inspiring living spaces:

In the end, we'll have to be very careful to retain and create as much light as possible, as the flat is on the lower ground floor. Definitely considering either an open fire or a log burner of some kind, which would be very cosy in the winter!

To be honest I feel a bit stuck on the living room. There's a lot that needs to be in there, such as the TV, stereo, bookshelves for our hundreds of books...in addition to a sofa, armchairs etc. I think we're going to struggle to fit everything in and keep it looking spacious. 

Something good that I am looking forward to for the living room is a newly re-upholstered armchair, very kindly donated by my mum. I had the armchair in my bedroom for years when I still lived with my parents, and I loved it, but it had definitely seen better days as it had been attacked over prolonged periods of time by my old cat Ginny. So my mum offered to get it reupholstered in a fabric of my choice! Very exciting. So I chose the lovely Dandelion Clocks by Sanderson - which is everywhere at the moment, but still charming. Here's the print on someone else's chair - can't wait to receive my own!

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