Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Our first flat!

We very nearly own our very own little slice of Hove in the form of a lower ground floor flat in between the sea and the station. Having rented a tiny flat in Brighton for almost 4 years (magnolia walls, beige carpets and a tenancy agreement prohibiting us from doing anything whatsoever to mitigate the blandness), we are extremely excited about the carte blanche awaiting us!

The flat itself definitely has the bare bones necessary to create a really beautiful space, but there's rather a lot of damp proofing, floor sanding and knocking down of walls to do before we can focus on the aesthetics. That doesn't prevent us from planning though! 

The flat also suffers from an absolutely dreadful kitchen and bathroom, which we have plans to overhaul already - all on a shoestring budget, mind. 

Being more or less addicted to crafting, I also have a long list of house-related projects that I am impatiently working my way through already (although we won't be in until February). Fortunately for me, Theo is a bit of a dab hand with power tools, so while he's knocking down walls, I shall be brandishing my knitting needles in a quest to create a homely haven of tranquility that neither of us will ever want to leave! 

Stay tuned to see how our adventure unravels. 

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