Thursday, 9 December 2010

Knitting for the home

I'm a fairly new knitter, but have managed a few jumpers and definitely feel ready for a challenge! There are loads of gorgeous knitted things I have come across for the home:

Top to bottom:
Aran Knit Throw, The Wool Company
Cable Knit Throw, Pure Living Collection
Knitted cushion, DWR
Heart cushion, Elsy and Vine at Lasso the Moon 

If that's not inspiring enough, check this out:

This is Christien Meindertsma and she definitely looks like she's having fun! She has also made knitted poufs:

Knitted things are always expensive - I mean, wool is expensive, and it's a very long process, so it's understandable. But - ever the crafter - there's loads I've already got lined up to knit for our new palace. 

For starters, I came across this lovely tutorial on Apartment Therapy for making a great copy of the knitted cushion above:

I've also already made my own pattern and started knitting up a version of the Elsy and Vine cushion - here's a preview:

Yes, I probably have too many projects on the go...

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